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Dalo, a variety of dot and halo. A great and simple puzzle game wherever you must look for a journey that undergoes all lines just moving through the exact same range once.

On the basis of the Königsberg Bridge Issue wherever the job is to find a route wherever you give all links but just go for a passing fancy bridge once.

Also available on Android and iOS

Several degrees with increased degrees included routinely
Many different styles and more styles included routinely
Top 10 Leaderboards for every single level*
Build your personal custom level*
Reveal degrees with other players*
Perform degrees developed by town of Dalo*

How To Perform:
Begin a dot
Connect all dots moving through all of the lines applying one stroke

Take to to resolve as much puzzles as you are able to in this free-to-play brain-training puzzle game. Join the top 10 leaderboards*
You're sure to have addicted!!

*Feature available on Android and iOS types just

Start on a dot
Connect all dots passing through all the lines using one stroke