Fireman Frenzy

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The frenzied fireman got the firehose and cut the hydrant correct out of the soil and proceeded to place a fireplace out! How he is able to do this no body knows. Today he is extremely cellular he's on the go to place out fires everywhere. The problem is the hydrant he provides is terrible major therefore his purpose is off and rather shaky. Support him released all of the fires on each level by shooting each fireplace with a strong blast from his hose. The blast of water from the hose bags a wallop and can ricochet off items to place out fires, but be careful as a poor ricochet can easily knock the fireman out.  Better to update therefore he doesn't get broken out.

Hold down the left mouse button or your finger (on touch devices) and move to aim. Release to shoot a blast of water out of the firehose.

The longer you hold the aim in one spot before firing, the steadier the fireman becomes....up to a point.

Shots will ricochet off the sides of the screen as well as the top of the screen.


Arcade Shooting