Mahjong Alchemy

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Collect exactly the same cards by simply choosing them on the screen! Teach your memory and enhance your attentiveness to find couples even more quickly! Remember, the faster you start a set, the more factors you are certain to get! At the same time, benefit from the environment of a Asian event and the magic of alchemy traveling or after a difficult day's function! The game is perfect for soothing and finding only good thoughts! Also, don't overlook to get new cards! The more beautiful and uncommon the card, the more costly it's, but trust me, it's worthwhile!

Connect identical cards by simply clicking on them. The faster you do it, the more points you will get! Can't find a couple? Use the hint by clicking on the corresponding button on the side. If this did not help, then try to move for coins. Also, you can buy new cards for coins. The cooler the card, the more expensive it is


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