Match Pictures to Words

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You should just fit the photographs to the proper words.

How To Play:
Their really simple and spontaneous just use your mouse and select a photo after move n decline the picture over the proper Term!
Should you choose right you see a message of well done if you're incorrect you see an error message!

You've 2 Sport Methods:
You can play easily without stress because you can return back and forth in the game when you need! Their really ideal for kids.
In that function you have 3 lives and you have to fit appropriately the photographs over the phrase or you go in game over! So, take notice!

That great term fit game is very ideal for children or who enjoys term corresponding games.

Critical Functions:
- Two game ways Simple and Normal.
- Super Consumer Helpful Interface.
- Amazing children Audio theme and Noise effects.
- Really Simple gameplay.

This is incredible term corresponding game.