Nitro Rally Time Attack 2

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Nitro Rally Time Strike 2 is the best 100% arcade rally race sport for your device!

That sport is totally inspired by the previous basic arcade race games of the 80's, great gameplay and ideal cars control system makes you have five different tracks to battle and a lot of different features that you will learn while playing.

The graphic is colorful and detailed, the cars have a very good control system, the noise is actually wonderful; hear the motor of your car or truck and tries to keep it generally at a great pace to snap the turbo when you really need a supplementary boost!

These features that provide Nitro Rally Time Strike 2 at the top of the rally arcade race games... hours and hours of fun await you!

Product function bullets:
 15 great different rally songs!
 Great actual rally vehicle science!
 Cool sound soundtrack!
 Wonderful adorable 2D artwork!
 Cool sound effects!
 Nitro Increase involved!
 Ridiculous sideways rally activity!
 Ultra reasonable cars handling!