Secrets of the Castle - Match 3

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Solve all of the secrets of the strange castle!
Secrets of the Fort - enjoy that tough match 3 sport free of charge! Acquire three crystals in a line and complete the degrees!
In the game you will discover several difficult degrees, limitations and worthy rewards, as well as endless lives!
That match 3 sport currently has more than five thousand degrees!
Game Functions:
Around 5000 exciting reasoning degrees!
Numerous limitations and bonuses!
Mystical artwork and soundtrack!
Play that match 3 sport free of charge!

The rules of the game are that you must move the crystals so as to combine three crystals in a row! But not everything is so simple - in this you will be hindered by obstacles that not everyone can overcome!
By combining crystals 3 in a row, you break obstacles and complete tasks on levels. Some of them are very difficult and you will have to try hard to pass them!