Squid Adventures

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The designers of the game Squid Ventures do not spend your time on trifles and in one game they obtained almost all the checks that the participants in the Squid game gone through. Six times of checks are awaiting you and the first one is very familiar to you, it is known as: Red and Natural Lantern. You need to get to the girl's robot, stopping over time at the signal of the lantern. The 2nd round is a skill test, in that you need certainly to define a really sensitive figure out of a dalgona candy, wielding a needle. The next is pull of conflict, and here everything is distinct from the name. Fourth - marble balls. You have to place major balls into the orange circle. The sixth is a glass bridge that you need to corner, remembering the located area of the secure tiles so as to not fall through. The final sixth round is a sq game. It is required to run quicker compared to opponent to the sq field.

Use mouse on desktop or touch on your mobile device.


Action Arcade