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The most beautiful and scaling of "io" games are "" Switching on the game for the first minutes, you can't guess if it is a browser game as all the details are well planned. Mechanics, audio, and video components are thought out and are admired. This game depends on upgrading your ship, so give it special attention. It is worth noticing that the game will soon be available on Steam; this fact alone already says a lot!
You don't have to constantly work alone to secure victory, and StarBlast is a brilliant space game that proves the value of working as a team. A multiplayer arcade game with shooting at its core, StarBlast rewards you for working with your teammates to attack and destroy as many asteroids as possible while stockpiling resources and leveling up. The more asteroids you kill, the more gems you can use to upgrade spaceships and bases before taking out every enemy base and celebrating with your team. You'll probably notice that many players have fun choosing a sci-fi name to play under, so don't shy away from getting creative with your own! Play starblast io now on XbxGamePlays!