Sudoku Master

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Common sudoku - a figures puzzle.
The goal of the overall game is to fill the 9x9 field with figures from 1 to 9 so they don't repeat in exactly the same column, row and square.
That sport teaches the mind, develops logical considering and attentiveness.
Sudoku Master has a few levels, from rookie to specialist! Update your Sudoku solving abilities and become a Sudoku Master!

The goal of the game is to complete levels from beginner to master in order to pump your rating and reach the pinnacle of Sudoku mastery.
A field with 9x9 cells consists of 9 squares, in each of which you need to enter numbers from 1 to 9. But several rules must be observed:
1. Numbers should not be repeated in one square.
2. Numbers should not be repeated in the same column.
3. Numbers should not be repeated in one line.