Super Nitro Racing 2

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Super Nitro Racing 2 is completely encouraged by the previous classic arcade race activities of the 80's, great gameplay and perfect cars get a grip on system.

You've 21 different circuits to battle and a lot of different functions that you will find while playing.

The visual is colorful and comprehensive, the cars have a good get a grip on process, the noise is truly good; hear the motor of your car and tries to keep it always at a good speed to snap the turbo if you want an additional increase!

These functions that carry Super Nitro Racing 2 at the top of the rally arcade race games... hours and hours of enjoyment await you with Super Nitro Racing 2

Item function bullets:
 21 wonderful different rally trails
 Good actual rally vehicle science
 Cool music soundtrack
 Wonderful cute 2D design
 Cool sound effects
 Nitro Boost included
 Ridiculous sideways rally activity
 Really sensible cars handling
Therefore have it now!!!