Tanks Battle Field

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The battleground of tanks presents two game methods: "Capture the Flag" and "Lethal Duel" ;.In Capture the Flag style, your team should record the opponent's banner and reunite with their possess flag. In the "Lethal Duel" your team should destroy all enemy forces. There are several tasks and routes available. Each vision has its own problems, you must face certain types and quantity of opponents, you've to report a victory report in certain time, you've to manage the provided team items wisely and acquire the proper team for every mission. Some tasks involve quickly tanks, the others involve powerful tanks, the others involve maximum team measurement, the others involve imitation of certain roles. Establish your technique in each vision, making use of your team items to pick your team customers and assign their roles. You will complete the vision when your team scores a profitable report and another vision will undoubtedly be exposed with different challenges.