The Last Man

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The Last Person is really a top-down survival fear sport to escape from a center infested by aliens. Discover and obtain all the tools and things on your way. Find a way out of these terrifying and dark places. Don't let your protect down since these aliens can cut your head off with an individual strike!

Arbitrarily created tools, bullets, leaves, and predators place
3 Degrees filled with creatures
3 various endings
Labyrinthine 3D environments
10 various tools: from a fight knife to a sniper rifle

WASD or arrow keys = shift
Left-click = capture
Right-click = grab system or item
D / Mouse scroll = modify system
Dhge = refill
T = ON / OFF thermal goggle
D = ON / OFF night perspective goggle
M = ON / OFF Road
Left-Shift / Space = run
G = stop