Tiny Owl

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Avoid! Avoid Bats and Mines in Small Owl! Small Owl takes the Endless runner (i guess countless flyer) style! Help our pal "Pinky" the small Owl to have as high as he is able to, preventing the limitations such as for example coming mines, spikes, bats on your way and obtaining as numerous coins as possible. Don't attack any predators or it's game around for Pinky! Challenge your friends ratings on the area head boards to see who arrives prime in that addictive, demanding and entertaining arcade game.
Important Features:
- Enjoy as a pleased sweet little Pinky Owl character!
- Fantastic design with a great soundtrack !
- Overcome your friends' Earth ratings in the leaderboard!
- Fly as high that you can touching each side of the monitor
- It's acutely easy just one single touch to perform!
- Your kids love it!