Tiny Tomb

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Tiny Tomb is one particular game that genuinely transports you:
Four superbly rendered delicate worlds move on the edge of the universe. To save lots of friends and family, you'll have to get through them while also maintaining a bad-tempered and picky monster well-fed.
(On your path, decide to try and figure out why Birdman is so puzzled, too)
Small Tomb's characteristics basic dungeon-crawling as their supposed to be, flanked with:
- an off-the-wall story with great, trendy heroes
- cute, basic voxel artwork
- stop-motion type animations
- ever-changing tombs
- 25+ unique objects to gather
- 4 mad, dreamlike worlds to examine
Crazy amounts of enjoyment are waiting in this fast-paced, simple-to-start game. This sport delivers a puzzle strategy game for extended play periods or short breaks!



Puzzle Strategy