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Tsoro is dependant on a historical game that has been performed for countless years. 
Action happens on a wooden table with 10 openings destributed consistently across 2  rows. Before the game begins the player chooses an opening that may act as his bank. For every single turn person recommendations eight shaded balls from the reservoir and declines them in successive holes/cells. Each drop generates the player factors, with the most factors gained on declines in the bank. The goal therefore is to  drop as much balls in the financial institution as you can. Why is that tsoro a cut from their peers are celebrity balls. For a couple of diffrent colored balls in the same cell person gets a red star. Also four balls of the same color in the same cell/hole generates the player a stars ball. Each celebrity ball carries out a unique function when droped in a cell, for example the blackstar may change along with of every ball in a cell.