World Cup Penalty Football Game

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Have you been a baseball lover? Properly, so might be we! And because the 2014 Earth Glass is coming up and this is our first actually soccer-themed mobile game, we've determined to create it our skilled variation of "Penalty Football"  or "Penalty Soccer" for the rest of the earth out there.

Earth Glass Penalty is a game in which the goal is always to flourish in scoring a penalty shot more times than your opponent does. Each staff requires turns attacking and preventing another part, all while listening for instruction from the referee. The successful enough staff to take past their opponent five times will be declared the success of the Earth Glass: Penalty!

In the Earth Glass Penalty activities game, you have five odds to report a goal and five odds to stop an opponent's shot. Which means you gain a match by having the ball in to the goal more times than your opponent, however the find is that you have to overcome all groups in the tournament to gain the whole game!

Earth Glass Penalty is a baseball game where you could select from various countries, each using its unique playing style. You try to report more times compared to the opponent by alternately using turns in shooting and defending. Then, you continue to another circular; otherwise, you eliminate and are out!

Earth Glass Penalty is a fun basketball game wherever you play as you country's staff and should overcome the others to win. You've twenty images, and your opponent has twenty photographs to help you alternate using them. Block any incoming images which come at you or are introduced from your opponent. You may well be able to produce a successful goal if you plan in advance!